19 October 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts


My husband's pants are disappearing. Yesterday on his way to work he said, "Hey, can you wash some of my khakis today?" I told him it wouldn't be a problem. But when I went through the dirty clothes and put together a load of laundry, I could only find one pair of khakis. He used to have at least three or four pairs. Seriously - where could his pants be??

Yesterday Maggie would not take a nap. Today? She fell asleep on the couch a full hour before her regular nap time. Huh.

I almost forgot I got some Halloween decorations for my office windows. I really want to get those up today, but first I need to finish this, do another post, follow-up with the rest of my hostesses for this month, make a few other calls, follow-up with my guests from last weekend, and empty the dishwasher. And whatever else I remember...

And I still have some Halloween Nerds left from a couple weeks ago. I have to eat them so...well, so I can buy more while they're still available :D
(because orange nerds are THE BEST!!)

I'm pretty excited about looking for a new car. The old one is working again, but she's now earned the title of 'less reliable.' Hubby says cars don't actually have feelings, so I shouldn't feel like a traitor for preparing to trade her in...

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The Adventures of Grunty and Chubbs said...

Oh, how fun, picking out a new car! Will you get new or used? What kind???