26 October 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts


Good thing it's Random Tuesday, because I'm having a heck of a time staying on track today! I've got lots to do, but I'm exceptionally tired and drained today. Blech. While I'm definitely getting my necessary tasks done today, I want to conserve my energy until my chocolate show tonight! It should be a good one, so I want to be on top of my game ;)

We still don't have Halloween costumes :( I was going to give up and order the one I wanted, since overnight shipping was just $9.95 in a message they sent me today, but the one I wanted is sold out. Back to square one, I guess.

Silly Vistaprint is really screwing up lately. They delivered an order to me yesterday, but still not the order that was placed a week earlier. And they refunded my money for my canceled order...well, most of it anyway. I think I might start looking for somewhere else to get some of my business supplies...

I would really, really like a nap. But it's not going to happen today :(

Maggie kept asking to go to the beach today. Too bad it's cold and we're having tornado warnings all over the place right now. We spent some time at the pretend beach in the living room instead.

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siteseer said...

Did you make a tent and camp out on the beach?