24 October 2010

More Juggling

It seems I'm still getting credit card offers every day in both my married name and my maiden name from almost five years ago! I'm sure they mean to give me credit lines of $5,000 or more even if they don't have my name right, right?

My favorite, though, are the phone calls that come for my husband. They really like to offer him 0% balance transfer. While that's a great deal, and I used them more than a couple times when I was juggling finances before we were married, there's a little less point to a Citi balance transfer when he doesn't even have a Citicard, you know?

I do remember well what it was like to try and keep all the balls in the air, and credit card calculators have been handy more than once when I was trying to keep myself in the best case scenario. It was in my best interest to stay educated about my options, and not assume people who didn't even know my name could really know what might be best for me.

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siteseer said...

and they want the best for you too.... they don't even think of what will benefit them ;)