27 October 2010

Skin Woes

I've mentioned before, when I hear others lamenting about acne creams and such, that I've never had much trouble with my skin. In just the last year or so, though, I've developed a horrible dry patch under my left eye. I have no idea why, and can't think of anything I may have changed to make it happen. I keep meaning to schedule an appointment with a dermatologist and see if I need treatment for eczema or something, but with our insurance changing soon, I have a reason to procrastinate again ;)

Some of the things I've tried so far include diaper cream, a couple different types of eye cream, regular moisturizer applied frequently, and a peeling masque (to get the flaky parts off - yeah, yum!). I thought I had some A&D ointment around somewhere I was going to try, but I haven't stumbled across it yet. If it was just dry, I wouldn't complain, but I've had other people notice it and ask me what's wrong. How embarrassing!


Anonymous said...

You can try Theraplex - I use it for my psoriasis on my eyelid, or anywhere I have severe dry skin. It works wonders!

Stephanie D.

Miki said...

Gently use an exfoliator - you can buy one at the store or make your own with some oil, salt and sugar. Since the patch is near your eye, be very gently. This will help with the flakiness and help moisturize at the same time. Cleanse your skin twice daily with moisturizing products. If that doesn't help, a dermatologist might be your answer. Hope you get better soon!