19 October 2010

It's Done!

Hubby has wanted me to start using Google Voice forever, I think. His main point is to reduce our home phone bill, but I've been hugely resistant because I've published the home phone number everywhere for my business for more than two years! And I do get calls from people who picked up a catalog or flyer a year or more ago.

But yesterday I finally started the switch. I got a Google Voice number (that currently forwards to my house phone, but could also forward to my cell). Then I went and ordered business cards, magnets and a stamp with the new number on them. Now I'm slowly but surely working through a bunch of business publications like my website and newsletter and updating my phone contact info there.

I told him we still can't disconnect the home phone for a while (since I've got things booked with people who know me by the home number through at least the end of this year, preferably longer!), but we're on track to do it eventually.


siteseer said...

YIKES, better call you for your new number.

Bayley said...

No worries, we'll likely keep the current house number for some time to come.