12 October 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts


Maggie saw 'Tuff Puppy' for all of a few minutes on one of the built-in tvs in a van we had last week, and now she hangs out with him and asks to watch his show all the time! They must be soul mates or something ;)

I think I'm going to break open a box of Dove's Sea-Salted Caramel Collection in a few minutes. YUM!!!

I get to close out my PartyLite show and pick free stuff - yay!! There were a couple people who said they were definitely ordering and never did. Their loss!

For the record, I still think I'm succeeding at the Ultimate Blog Challenge to post 30 times in October. I didn't post over the weekend, but I usually post more than once a day, so I'm calling it good.

1 comment:

siteseer said...

that's a hard challenge to meet. I could do it, but it would definitely be an effort.