12 October 2010


Have you ever thought about how you imagine things 'should' be done? Of course you have. How many things are there that you think should be done differently than you do them? I remember thinking there was my life, and then in contrast there was the way things should be done, especially when I was writing short stories. The way my characters did things was frequently different than how I muddled through them. Somehow I made their lives easier than mine.

In one story, the main character was a young-ish girl embarking on an adventure. The story started with her supervising the movers who were packing up her stuff for her momentous life changing event - moving to California. Although I've never moved that far (for longer than a few months), I've moved several times within the state. Not just around the corner, but usually 30 miles or so. It never occurred to me to hire movers or any other help besides friends and family who were compensated with pizza and beer.

So my perception, I suppose, is that rich people sit back and have someone else do the hard work. Even if I had the money that would technically be enough to pay someone else to move my stuff, I daresay I'd find another use for it. It just isn't part of my 'normal' to suddenly have my life set up by someone else in a new location.

What's your experience and perception?


siteseer said...

I think you live what you learned.... we never hired a mover and neither did my family. You'd have to go outside the box which is change and change is hard. At first anyway

Tammy said...

I did have a moving company move us once. From Phoenix to Chicago. It was a company move and they paid for it. It was weird having someone else box up my stuff. I didn't like that part and I'm sure my hubby loved the part of not packing up the truck.