12 October 2010

Happy Sweetest Day (this weekend!)

In addition to everything else going on, this weekend is Sweetest Day! I know a lot of people say they don't celebrate what they call the 'hallmark holidays,' but I believe in celebrating anything and everything! Woo-hoo!!

Usually hubby and I go out to eat and spend a few minutes of 'couple' time while Maggie hangs out with her grandparents, but this year our time is even more limited as Sweetest Day is the same day as my high school reunion!

Luckily I know of a great site that will give me a chance to surprise him a little even without my car to run errands during the day. I can order from EdenFantasys and have a surprise just for us delivered to the house before we get home from all our busy running around! In addition to typical 'adult toys', they've got sensual candles, and massage oils and lotions. And there's even free standard shipping depending on your order size!

It's always important to remember that the 'mom and dad' are the foundation of the family - especially as that family grows! It'll be good for us to take a few minutes and try to remember who we were before being mom and dad. As long as we can keep remembering to be each others' sweethearts for at least a few minutes of each busy day, things can still be great :)

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