03 October 2010

Oh What a Tangle!

Here comes the cold and the wet all of a sudden (although I saw it's supposed to be in the mid to upper 70s again by the end of the week!). The catch is, we were kind of hoping for a dry weekend before another drastic change. Hubby had hoped to cut the grass yesterday, but instead the rain barrel got a little fuller as the skies opened up! He can't cut the grass in that, of course. It can really get to be the 'tangle' I mentioned in the title if the leaves fall before the grass gets cut. No one will have any fun trying to run a rake through long grass to collect the dead leaves!

It's really too bad sometimes that I'm not more ambitious about having a nicer looking lawn. If I could try getting into rain harvesting, I could probably have a little greener lawn up front where everyone would see it (our back yard must be a little lower, because it has no problem growing long and green!). Maybe next spring I should check out some rain barrels for sale and see how it all works.

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siteseer said...

always.... always have the lawn shorter in the fall so the leaves can blow over to the neighbors. Collecting rain does sound very interesting.