04 October 2010

Family Fun

Last weekend we went to Cedar Point's HalloWeekends celebration. They have a costume parade for the kids as well as some extra holiday-themed attractions for all ages from early September until Halloween. We had a great time! This picture is of Maggie and hubby on the Peanuts 500. It was one of Maggie's favorites. The cars were attached to a little oval track, and at the ends of the oval they purposely 'whipped' the cars around for a little thrill :) Maggie loved holding her arms up and screaming! I had gone on it with her while hubby was on an adult ride, but I made him go on it with her when he got back because it was so much fun watching her reactions :)

Among her other favorites were the Snoopy bouncer and most of the rides in the kiddie-land area toward the front of the park. She especially enjoyed the motorcycles, and just barely cleared the height requirement to ride them! The first time hubby was in line with her and he didn't think she cleared it, but the ride operator let her on. The next time I was just watching while Maggie stood in line by herself, and when she got to the front I could see the ride operator looking carefully until I stepped over and said, "She's already been on this." At that point the ride operator looked right at Maggie and said, "Oh, yeah," and let her on. Maggie liked acting surprised every time she rode past us, and she loved beeping the horn.

I remember loving Cedar Point when I was younger. I love seeing Maggie enjoy it just as much :)


Shannon and Randy said...

I used to love those rides that just went in a circle. Her face is so cute all excited. I love it!

sms said...

I really like your blog and i respect your work. I’ll be a frequent visitor.

Tammy said...

She sure has a big smile on! She looks very happy on the rides.

siteseer said...

Love the look of her with her Daddy!! Priceless! Cedar Point is fun for sure.