03 October 2010

Let the Ultimate Blog Challenge Begin!


Yes, I signed up for another challenge. Several times I've half-heartedly committed to something like this, only to fade fast. But I figure I'm already ahead of the curve this time - this is actually my third post this month! :)

The first Ultimate Blog Challenge idea provided by Michele and Michelle was in three parts:
  • Personal Blogging Idea: What do you enjoy most about blogging?
  • Write a brief explanation about your future posts and why people will want to be sure to join your RSS feed to get their copies of your future blog posts.
  • Tell us you've joined the Ultimate Blogging Challenge and what you'll be posting about during the next 30 days.
This should be easy, right? I mean even if it isn't always every day, I am a pretty consistent blogger.
What I enjoy most about blogging is putting my thoughts out there. I suppose I'd get more of that if my blog were anonymous, but as it is it still gives me a chance to 'talk' to others even though I'm frequently with my three-year-old. She is a great conversationalist, but there are a lot of things running through my mind that I don't think she'd understand or respond to appropriately. Just sayin.
Almost as much as just helping me clear my head, I love getting comments that reinforce the fact that I'm not insane (right?). As original - or lonely - as my thoughts may sometimes feel, someone else has thought or felt the same some time before.
My third reason is purely materialistic. I enjoy the walking around money, or free products to test, that I get through blogging. Hey, it's true!

I expect some of my posts this month to be just like the ones in months past. Good or bad, I don't have some burning desire to change the whole personality of my blog. I am optimistic that the prompts being provided will give me some extra substance, which should be nice. You want to keep reading to see how true this might be - maybe I'll surprise you!

Oh yeah, I think it's fairly obvious now: I've joined the Ultimate Blog Challenge! I'll be posting about randomness (sort of a specialty of mine), my adorable daughter, my chocolate biz, and whatever else crops up in my life! C'mon by and enjoy the ride with me.

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I love reading your blog. Don't ever stop.