02 October 2010

My Workout!

I've found my new favorite way to build muscles. Moving furniture!

A couple weeks ago I got my new desk (which fills the whole corner of the room and needed to be moved onto the truck, then into the house and down the hall). Yesterday we got a new TV (thank goodness for the handles on that box!). Right now hubby and Maggie are out looking for an entertainment center to hold the new TV and a new dresser for Maggie's room (bye-bye changing table!).

I've never been one to help with heavy lifting before, but I'm the only one around to help hubby lately, and I've got the bruises...er, I mean muscles...to prove it!

1 comment:

siteseer said...

Good thing we have strong husbands... often all they need is someone to help balance or steer ;) Thank goodness because sometimes that's all I have to offer. I'm in it to the end, but sometimes I'm really slow moving :)