01 October 2010

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. My head is killing me. :(
  2. I have a week to finish doing my office up right! Yikes!
  3. I had two chocolate shows originally scheduled for Saturday, but one rescheduled and one canceled. I still have one on Sunday, though.
  4. Oops, number one should have been, "Rabbit, rabbit," for good luck.
  5. Do you know what sounds yummy right now? A caramel apple from a cider mill. I think that should go on my to-do list for the weekend...
  6. I meant to set up my catalog show for PartyLite today, but I think I'll just go take another nap instead. Darn headache. :(
  7. I'm looking forward to playing some Plants vs Zombies tonight. Yeah, I think I'm hooked.
  8. There are still little orange flags in our ditch (that I think I mentioned last week?), but nothing else has happened....
  9. My nails are polished again, and they've already lasted a day and a half longer than the last time. Yay for Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear nail polish!
  10. I just got yelled at by Maggie for, "Putting the stool right on my office?!?" I had put the footstool out of my way on top of the end table she's adopted as her 'new desk.' She makes me chuckle a hundred times a day. :)

1 comment:

siteseer said...

headache maybe just a weather change? Hope it's gone. Love the little one.... now she wants her 'own' space too. Yikes!! what will she want next?