11 October 2010

Less Than THREE WEEKS - Please Help!

Do you know anyone living each day with juvenile diabetes? It's a whole different life with all the stuff they have to do to just keep going every day. It's not fair! Yeah, mom said life isn't fair, but we're not talking about getting a smaller share at snack time or watching your favorite sports team suffer through a bad call. We're talking about a child in a five-year span with juvenile diabetes having her fingers pricked more than 16,000 times, having more than 6,000 injections and more than 400 insulin pump site changes. That?? Is no where close to 'fair.'

From my friend Kristi:
Juvenile Diabetes affects the lives of an estimated 1.7 million Americans, drastically reducing their average life span by fifteen years. Children with Type 1 diabetes are insulin-dependent for life and require daily multiple insulin injections or the use of an insulin pump just to stay alive. Children with Type 1 diabetes and their families are in a constant struggle to manage blood-sugar levels with 8 or more daily finger pricks to test blood, multiple insulin injections or insulin-pump monitoring, and careful monitoring of exercise and food intake. Insulin is not a cure. It only allows our child to stay alive!

You can help find a cure! Kristi and her daughter Hayleigh are raising money for JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation). They are taking donations for their participation in the Walk to Cure Diabetes in Arizona on October 30. PLEASE go to their site and donate what you can! They're still $640 shy of their goal and have less than three weeks to make it before the walk. Here's the site to donate.

Thank you!

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