11 October 2010

20 Years??

This weekend is my 20-year high school reunion. How did that happen?? I'm not too stressed about it, actually. I weigh pretty close to what I did in high school (albeit with a few of the pounds in different places), I still have all my hair (oh wait, I'm a girl - maybe that doesn't need to be on this list?) and I haven't had an attack of blackheads (although with five more days to go, maybe I shouldn't go bragging yet.

I was kind of bummed that I was going to have to pick some old dress out of my closet to wear (since my car is currently dead) until I got really lucky with some help from a great friend today! After she helped me make a delivery for my business, we headed to the mall for lunch. I was talking about wanting something different to wear, and wanting to have my eyebrows waxed before the reunion and she said, "We're at the mall - let's do it!" She watched Maggie and her son while I got my brows done, and then watched them play for a few more minutes at the play area while I quickly browsed dresses - and found one!

Yay for wonderful friends! I hope I have the opportunity to do something she'll be just as happy about soon :)

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siteseer said...

that's what friends are for ;) Glad you found a nice dress.