04 October 2010

Shaking it Up - A Guest Blogger Post

Guest post written by Mary Bing

I love my apartment, but frankly I was paying too much for it and the utilities. But I absolutely hate moving so I think that I found a good solution to my problem. I just shopped around and found some cheaper utilities and services.

I've lived in my place for three years and it's really started to feel like home to me. After shopping around I found CLEAR mobile broadband packages and settled on one that ended up being cheaper than what I had been paying since I moved into the place.

But it wasn't just cheaper stuff that I was focusing on in the long run. I thought that maybe I should switch up my decor a little bit and ended up moving my furniture around a little bit, now that's a little tougher in a studio apartment than it would be in other places but I managed with a friend and some hardcore planning. I also went and out and bought a new bed comforter that still went with the rest of my apartment's decor but was a refreshing change.

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