08 October 2010

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. I haven't posted anything with a picture in a few posts, so here's a cute comic I got in a couple different emails from friends today. Enjoy :)
  2. I have so many piddly tasks to get done for my moms'night out tomorrow that it's somehow overwhelming. Clean our bathroom, finish straightening my office, clear off my dresser, make dip, call to confirm massage chick....the list goes on! I think it'll be a fun night though. I've got close to 10 friends coming. We'll have a psychic and a massage therapist here for anyone who chooses to pay for an appointment with either or both of them, then I'll try to put out some cards or something for those not in an appointment to just hang out and relax :)
  3. Tonight I get to go get crafty and make cards with some other friends - yay!
  4. I was kind of bummed this morning. I got a lead from the company about someone who wanted to look at becoming a chocolatier! Once I talked to her for a few minutes, she said she'd just been to a chocolate party and was also talking to the chocolatier who did that show. Hello? You can only sign up under one person, and while I'm happy to help out a fellow chocolatier, she should be doing the initial sign up stuff for her new recruit, not me. Oh well :(
  5. Maggie asked to watch Alice in Wonderland yesterday. I don't remember the last time we've watched it, and I don't recall her ever asking about it. Weird.
  6. Need PartyLite candles? I'm having a catalog show, and your order can be shipped straight to you - Go here to place an order, and make sure the host name shows as Becki B.! Thanks :)
  7. I still really like playing Plants vs. Zombies. I mean really, really.
  8. Even when I don't have anywhere I 'have' to go, I feel really antsy not having my car available to take whenever/wherever I want!
  9. I thought I had a really good idea for a Halloween costume for myself. I wanted to be Flo, from the Progressive commercials? But when I went to YouTube to watch the commercials and get a better look at her outfit, there was a link right on the video saying, "Want to dress like Flo for Halloween? Click here for details of her outfit." So it's no longer an original idea, and I'm disappointed. Now what/who should I be??
  10. I'm in the mood to eat something chocolate-y. This is an easily satisfied urge in my house :D


Shannon and Randy said...

Be Lady Gaga in the meat dress!

siteseer said...

I'm with you with having to have a car available. Just not having the choice depresses me. Hope you get one soon.