14 September 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts


I just love Maggie's fall wardrobe. She looks so cute in her little dresses and tights :) But I know I say, "You're so cute!!" a lot, because I overhear her saying it to our cat and her stuffed animals. Which is really cute too ;)

I've got another new team member today!! But she's two levels from me, which means while I'm excited for her to have joined, I need to promote myself up a level before I get paid for anything she does. Translation: Get back to work, Becki!

Maggie (as expected) climbed into bed with me last night. It's usually fine, but I think I slept with my head funny and now my neck hurts :( I keep meaning to take drugs, but I've forgotten the last few times I've walked past the pills.

I need to find some photo mats to make 2.5 X 3 pictures fit in 4 x 6 frames. I always order a bunch of Maggie's pics (and even choose the pictures of my nieces) that are 2.5 x 3, but they make very few frames in that size. A bunch of times I've picked up 4 x 6 frames thinking they were the right ones, but they're not. So I need mats to use all these frames and display our pictures.

Anyone else enjoying this fall weather as much as we are?? I love it! Maggie and I got a Taco Bell picnic and took it to the park today for lunch. We both had a ball :)


Heather Jones said...

Definitely enjoying the fall weather! I love fall. Visiting from Random Thoughts Tuesday. Would love a visit back. :)

Oh and I'm now following too.

Heather from Mommy Only Has Two Hands!

Keely said...

Aw! Xander tells everything it's cute too. And yes, he's definitely repeating what we tell HIM. :)