13 September 2010

Small Town Movie Critic - A Guest Blogger Post

Thanks to Darwin Barton

I'm the movie critic for my town's local paper. Keep in mind that I live in a town of about 15,000 people, so that's no big accomplishment or anything, but it's still kind of cool I guess. It doesn't pay much, but the newspaper does pay for my tickets, and even throws in a little extra for popcorn!

Since I do it twice a week, I've got the whole movie-going thing down to a ritual. There's my little checklist before leaving the house - turn off the lights, set my highland park Adt security system, make sure I have my keys, wallet and cellphone, etc. Then I have my route I always go that saves gas. Like I said, I have it down to an art.

Since I'm writing for a newspaper, I make sure that I see a wide variety of movies. I usually pick the most popular ones to go see, because those are the ones that most people will want to read about. That sometimes means I have to sit through some I don't particularly care for, but I try to stay objective and watch them as if I were someone who would want to go see them. Sometimes I'll break my "most popular movies" rule if there's something I just really want to see. Hey, there's nothing wrong with mixing business with pleasure!

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