22 September 2010

Chocolate Tempering 101

To make chocolates with a glossy finish and snap when you bite into them or break them, the chocolate needs to be tempered. Of course we all want our homemade creations to look as beautiful and delicious as possible, but I'm assuming most of us don't have the scientific knowledge (or interest!) to follow the old-school methods of tempering. It would involve melting chocolate in a double boiler until it reaches a specific temperature, which varies based on the type of chocolate (milk or dark). Then you'd need to cool the chocolate carefully on a marble slab to another specific temperature.

Ugh!! Sounds complicated, and I probably would never even attempt it.

But wait! There's hope for those of us who want to make gorgeous chocolates in a nearly foolproof manner. Always available through Dove Chocolate Discoveries - and on special through September for more than 60% off - is the chocolate tempering unit manufactured by Revolation. You put the chocolate in, and the machine beeps when it's melted to the high temperature. You add more chocolate according to the instructions, push a button, and it begins cooling the chocolate. The machine again beeps when the chocolate is fully tempered - how easy is that?!?

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siteseer said...

got to love the ease that is brought right to your table :)