22 September 2010

Clean as a Whistle!

I think our kitchen is about ready for a good cupboard cleaning again. The last time we did it was probably more than a year ago, getting ready for a garage sale. We got rid of lots of old dishes and storage stuff that was duplicated when hubby and I combined houses years ago. And I got to throw out some mystery cans. I found protein powder when my caloric intake needed to be so much higher during pregnancy and nursing, the best creatine powder, and a yellow powder that hubby used to have for something. When he couldn't remember what it was for, I figured it was time for it to go!

I don't think we've accumulated anything like that again, but there are at least three bags of Doritos in the bottom cupboard, and every time I've gone to get Maggie's cereal lately I've found an old bag of off-brand Cheerios with like six pieces of cereal left. Hope our trash bag is hungry!

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siteseer said...

I've been thinking about emptying everything and just washing the shelves off, but I think there is another dusty project in the near future :) Always a project that feels good to get accomplished.