25 August 2010

What the Hell Wednesday

Did I mention how my GPS wouldn't work in New Jersey a couple weeks ago? I had to go like 70-some miles, and Lois (that's her name) said it would take me 3 minutes. Really?? It took me longer than that to discern which way to go after I crossed the bridge out of Philadelphia into Jersey.

As I vented on a couple times yesterday, I need to bake cookies today, but I'm waiting for the cookie mix to be delivered via FedEx. Oh, and then I have to leave the house by 4PM. C'mon FedEx!! If that doesn't work out, I'm bringing as many small cookies as I can make from the dough I have left.

I have a delivery I need to make, but the woman isn't home until after 6:30...and I have commitments nearly every night this week! Luckily it is just 'nearly,' so tomorrow night I'll call and (hopefully she'll be available) bring her the goodies. I feel so guilty seeing the bag in my kitchen!

This month is so fantastic to sign up with Dove, that I can't figure out the people who are still just considering but not jumping! Here's the short of it:
1) Buy a $79 kit.
2) Do two $200 shows in September.
3) Get paid $140 AND get a $160 bundle of new fall product for FREE!
What a great deal! I wish I could sign up again, and I don't understand the people who aren't sure if this is the right time!!


Elle said...

We had good luck with GPS for the most part during our vacation. There were a few times it steered us wrong, but not like yours. That's really off.

Hope the FedEx guy came.

Thanks for joining us for What The Hell Wednesday!

Stacy said...

I have yet to get a GPS. I don't travel as much as I'd like to, and I think if I did I would probably throw it out the window because it would annoy me.

Thanks for joining us today!

siteseer said...

A map is always a good thing to have with your GPS. Love the GPS, but gotta have the map