25 August 2010

A Guest Blogger Post

Celebration Of Becoming an Adult

The Author of this post is Darius Boone

Today is a special day for my family and myself. My youngest brother turns twenty-one today and it is a big deal for everyone. We have a tradition in my family that involves throwing a huge party. I guess you can say it's almost as big as a sweet sixteen because it is very special. My family and I love planning parties so we have a whole birthday party kit. Each year, we just purchase personal items for that particular person. We kind of have a pre-party, where everyone comes to my house and we use huges net satellite internet service to purchase the items online. I have a special notebook with all the birthday ideas and previous ideas from other birthdays. To celebrate the milestone we have a small bar set us for the guess of honor to have their first drink as an adult. It is just a small toast with a glass of wine but it is our way of welcoming them into adulthood. We have a photographer and everything, he sets up his photography equipment on the side with backdrops. Everyone then takes an individual picture with the guest of honor, which goes in the guest book as a memory of all who attended. At then end of the night, we are all so beat so the immediate family and some close friends stay the night. We make it one big sleep over, no one wants the night to end.

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siteseer said...

And probably breakfast the next morning.... what a great celebration!! Our family has somehow slipped from celebrations and we need to get back into it. It'll be a couple of years before we start 'BIG' birthdays :).