24 August 2010

Home Safe Home?

It always surprises me how people's perceptions of the same place can be so different. We're talked to our neighbor who expresses concern about what's happening as different people move into the neighborhood. I've never seen the 'problems' he says are inevitable. He comments about the high school kids walking home down our busy street. Oddly, he isn't talking about their safety walking down the busy street, but about our safety from them walking past our homes. Huh? Unfortunately, I then wonder if he's the one off base or if I am - when we first moved in our home was already equipped with the little keypads that undoubtedly connected to some homesecurityteam.com. Luckily I haven't yet regretted having torn one box off the wall, and leaving the other connected to, well, nothing.

Lots of areas just have a reputation for requiring more home security. I usually figure there's good and bad parts to any city or neighborhood. Whether it's Fort Worth, PD or Detroit, you should always be aware of your surroundings. And no matter where I've lived, I've always kept my doors locked most of the time. It just seems to be a good idea. Regardless of how safe your home's location may be, the bad guys have cars.

I tend to not spend too much time worrying about my personal safety, but still keeping my eyes and ears open to what's going on around me. Maybe that's part of why I'm so annoyed by the spammy emails some friends pass along with supposed 'police security tips' that they swear are real and straight from their husband's uncle's cousin's daughter's best friend. You get my drift. I hear from other people about the panic these can cause to some people who are suddenly convinced evil is stalking them. I hope nothing ever disturbs your (or my!) sense of personal safety!


The Rudstroms said...

I love it that you point out the lack of concern for the high school students walking around. =) Our society is taking this fear of strangers thing too far and creating paranoia. I agree, be sensible but don't live in fear and suspicion of others.

siteseer said...

:) I blame all of the paranoia and scary stuff on all the media and internet. I can't open an email without some kind of scare tactic involved. On my recent week off I was totally off the grid and had no tv, internet or newspapers.... what a peaceful week. Maybe I should just start hitting delete ;)