13 August 2010

Welcome Back to School!

September still feels so much more like the start of the year than January to me! Even though I'm not in school and don't know too many people in my circle who are, you can still see all the sales and new stuff and feel the excitement in the air as all the kids get ready to head back to class.

If you're going back to school or know someone who is who may need some math homework help, it's available! There's a whole site where you can get free homework help. I can vaguely remember there being help available on the phone when I was still in school. There were a lot more 'latch-key' kids than in past generations, and some phone services existed to help answer homework questions and solve math problems. What a lifesaver!

It's not just for latch-key kids anymore. TutorVista can help with calculus problems and factoring polynomials. Yikes! Hope they're still doing this if Maggie takes upper level math classes. Although math was never too hard for me, it was a long time ago and I don't remember anything that complex! With a site like this, open 24 hours, you and your kids can get free math help right away.

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