14 August 2010

Early Saturday Morning

Well, it's early for me, anyway. Especially early to be trying to actually accomplish anything. I wanted to write something different. Something not about Maggie, and not about my ongoing task list, and not about my chocolate business. But I'm not sure if that's happening :( Who would I be without all that?

I wouldn't actually change anything, thinking about it now. Recently someone said something to me about 'if hubby got a better job, you wouldn't have to do the chocolate job too.' I worried then that I've been expressing myself all wrong. I enjoy my chocolate job, and not just for the money. I mean, yeah - I like the money (duh!). But even if we were kajillionaires, I still would probably keep working my business (with a much more flexible schedule around our extensive travels...).

My business gives me so much more than money. It gives me 'atta-girls.' You know - those pats on the back, or financially unrecognizable recognition. It's seeing your name in print in the newsletter going to the whole company, or having someone tell their friend to work with you, because you're the best. It's seeing someone else's relief at a night with their friends and getting a sales reward like a funny shirt two sizes too big in the mail. It's working the numbers to get the most benefits from the show, or helping someone who can't remember the last time they got something for herself pick out free chocolate after her show.

Sure, sometimes I'm tired of having my schedule with a smattering of times and days to work around. I usually put off a lot of show prep til the last minute and panic, but I apparently work best under pressure. I truly like being a chocolatier, and doing it well.

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siteseer said...

and you are the BEST!!! Glad you enjoy your income because that's what makes it not a 'job'. "Love what you do and you'll never work another day in your life."