24 August 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts


I asked Maggie this morning what she liked best about her potty party at Chuck E Cheese's last night. She said, "When Chuck E Cheese hugged me."

I've got lots to do, but several of the key items on my to-do list are waiting on a delivery I'm expecting tomorrow! And this is stuff I need done before tomorrow night. Yikes!

The volume works to watch DVDs today, but not to watch television. Weird.

I probably shouldn't have had Ruffles chips with Dean's french onion dip for breakfast. Ugh.

Maggie is wearing her Cinderella dress again today. We washed it on Sunday, but other than that she's been wearing it since Friday :) Great way to save time on laundry (nothing but clean underwear each day!).

I'm up to three and a half shows (just waiting for confirmation on the fourth) for September. My original goal was ten, so hopefully I get some enthusiastic response at the five shows I have left to do this month!

Well, crap. I didn't realize it's noon already! The silly girl asked for peanut butter and jelly for breakfast (and ate it) so I suppose I'll warm up some spaghettio's for variety for lunch. And fresh fruit - we got blueberries, raspberries and strawberries at the market yesterday :)

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