23 August 2010

Too Much TV, or Too Little Anything Else?

How do you think most people choose to watch tv, or what to watch? I don't watch much tv, but I wonder if it's because I don't have cable. Would I watch more tv if I had more choices of what to watch? I don't even veg out and flip through the channels, but that could be because I know my choices are pretty limited.

Maggie and I watch mostly PBS kids, but I've seen articles and commercials for stuff like the Detroit-based Hardcore Pawn that makes me curious. What are some of your favorite things to watch, especially if they're shows you've found once you got dish tv? Are there shows I'd need to see available with a dish but not on other networks or through the internet?

If I wanted to have more television options, are there government rules which would still limit my choices? I really haven't looked at any of it so far, but it sounds like there may be some good shows out there I'm missing!

Maybe watching more tv would get me away from the computer a little more frequently. With cable or satellite, I could potentially find something to watch that I would enjoy as much as Dark Angel or 24. Now there's a thought worth entertaining!

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siteseer said...

more channels = more garbage lol. There just isn't a lot on, especially in the summer. You're doing the right thing by not watching tv and instead living life.