17 August 2010

No Winning for Me :(

In my efforts to post more, I just finished hopping around to the blogs I used to rely on for lots of fun giveaways...but I came up empty! How is this possible? Have the giveaways just dried up or are there new cool kids in town and I just don't know who's giving away anymore? Or will I just need to do it myself? Hmmmm...there's a new idea.

On another note, I meant to mention last night the great new WIC radio commercial (PSA, whatever..) that I heard on my way home. It was encouraging breastfeeding! Yay! They stated that nursing burns an extra 600 calories a day, while being healthier for baby, and decreasing a woman's chance of developing breast cancer later. And then they finally mentioned that WIC can provide food help or something...I quit paying attention when I was so excited that they started with the breastfeeding info instead of free formula or something. I hope moms were listening!

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siteseer said...

interesting how they make their ads huh? But at least they put that there first.