18 August 2010

Celebrating Aging?

It's hard to believe I'm closer to 40 than 30 anymore (by more than a year, actually ;) ). I remember turning 30 and being scared about Multiple Sclerosis. It's such an unpredictable disease and so debilitating. I don't see it handy on the site now, but I believe it most commonly strikes women in their 30s - thus my irrational panic from time to time.

As with so many things, effects can be improved or lessened with Multiple Sclerosis Diet, apparently. Not surprisingly, some people claim a more natural diet helps them feel better. I don't think MS sufferers are the first ones to recognize this!

Although I feel like I'm leaving the 'early adulthood' years where MS is more commonly diagnosed, it is still reassuring to read in Multiple Sclerosis News about a woman who was unable to walk without a cane only four months ago is now training for a 10K run! The human brain and body are truly incredible.

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siteseer said...

that is amazing!! MS is crippling