14 August 2010

Convenient Golf?

Sometimes I'm envious of other peoples' schedules. I've got something scheduled almost every day this month. The only way I could fit something else in would be if I had a cancellation (which hopefully doesn't happen, right?). If I did suddenly have an open day, I'd probably be squirmy until I found something to fill the spare time! Luckily, at www.48hourteetimes.com I could book a golf outing at the last minute!

Okay, honestly? I'm not a golfer. It never really occurred to me that golf needed to be planned in advance, but apparently it did. How lucky am I to have never even considered an advance appointment for golf, and now that there's 48 hour tee times I don't need to? :)

All right, so maybe a long time ago I was kind of, sort of involved a little bit in golf, but I was 'involved' with the club pro at the time, so I didn't need anything as mundane as tee times. I just stopped by the course when I felt like it, played the holes in any order that struck my fancy, and usually didn't keep score. Oh, and I was of course friends with the folks on the beer cart too :)

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siteseer said...

I like a little more down time in my life for life to happen lol. I just filled a lot of down time with a new project. I'm going to take apart my outdoors quilt and redo it in a way that is more appealing to me. Lots of fun evenings.