16 August 2010

Weekend in Review

You know those weekends that are so busy they don't even feel like weekends? Yeah. I think one of those just flew by my head....

Friday night I had a chocolate show in the same neighborhood practically as last Friday. So I went and did my show, while hubby and Maggie went back to the same park as the week before. My show was a lot of fun with some great ladies :) We're closing it out this afternoon once the hostess picks all her free stuff!

Saturday morning hubby and Maggie left early so he could drop Maggie off and go boating, since I had a training meeting in the morning and then an open house event. All went well, and I hear Maggie was very entertaining at her cousins' house. We tried a new pizza place for dinner that came recommended through one of hubby's friends. The cheese on the pizza was fabulous. I'll have to go Yelp about the restaurant this afternoon :)

Sunday was probably the busiest day of all, at least on paper. I was supposed to have two chocolate shows, but one of them hadn't returned my calls for the last week. I was still unable to get a hold of her, so I had to go ahead and assume the show was canceled. Still haven't heard anything, so apparently I was right ;)
The show that held was great! She had to pick out $168 in free chocolate, plus I booked shows for three of her friends within the next month!
After the show we headed to meet some of hubby's family for pizza dinner - yum!!

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siteseer said...

that's a great show!! Glad Maggie had fun with her cousins.