23 July 2010

Happy Birthday Maggie!!

My pride and joy is THREE! Her party was actually last weekend, since more family was available then.

Today she woke up and got upset when daddy left for work. "He should come to my party!" she said. He had woke her up by singing happy birthday, and she figured that meant it was her party all over again. I wish! I loved seeing how happy she was singing along with us at the party. It wasn't much of a surprise. A few times before now she's demanded that we sing happy birthday to everyone at the table when we're dining out. Apparently she really likes the song!

I love hearing her amazement with the new discoveries she makes each day.

Although it can get annoying, I love that she still loves my 'nursers' and tells me about how she used to nurse them when she was a little baby.

I love her attempts at playing hide-and-seek - using the same hiding spot each time we count, or sometimes just covering her eyes and assuming that means we can't see her :)

I love listening to her giggle while her daddy chases and tickles her with his 'inchworm' finger.

I love watching her try to cover up my anti-social cat like a baby. And I love that the cat sometimes goes along with it.

I love when she's working on something - like making seaweed soup - and says, "What we're gonna do..." and then, "Wait right here! I'll be right back!" (with her hand giving me a STOP motion).

I love how she introduces me to people when she makes new friends, or just sees someone we haven't seen in a while. "This is mommy."

And I love when she tries to make new friends. "My name is Maggie. What your name?"

I love when I call her Princess Maggie, and she calls me Princess Mommy in return.

Maggie Sue - you are the greatest source of joy in my life, and I'm thankful each day that you chose me as your mommy.


siteseer said...

Happy Birthday Maggie!!!! That's one thing that I always wanted when I was growing up.... to be a Mommy!! And I'm glad that it's one trip that you didn't miss out on ... there is just nothing like it. Glad you enjoying her as much as I enjoyed you.

Anonymous said...

I didn't realize how much I wanted to be a mom until I became one. I love this post because it tells me I still have a lot to look forward to. Maggie's reaction on her birthday to the little cakes we got her was priceless. It made my whole night on Friday!! shannon