27 July 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts


So. Excited. Just taking a break from packing now...I'm leaving around 5AM for the Dove Chocolate Discoveries national conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania! And I get to meet up with other friends in the area FIRST for dinner. The conference actually starts on Thursday.

Preparing to travel seem so much easier now than it did back when I was single and childless. I focused on it a lot then and had really high standards for what I 'needed' to have. Now that I really do need to pack so many things to take care of me and my daughter most of the time, when it's just me? It feels like a walk in the park! I can make do with a lot less if I have to ;)

I miss Maggie already, and I haven't even left yet :(

I've said it before, but I really don't think I'll start taking a bunch more pictures til I find a better way to sort and save them. We now have three folders on the laptop called 'Card Dump.' I like to have them saved with actual names so I can find them later, but it's so tedious! (Guess what I'm working on right now?)

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siteseer said...

that's some random thoughts lol. I've kind of got photos filed by date and I usually can find what I'm looking for. I know there are a lot better ways, but I'm like you.... just don't take the time.