21 July 2010

Fun in the Sun

While I'm not sure what it's doing for my aunt-of-the-year status, hubby and Maggie and I headed to the beach to meet friends today. Hubby had a little work to do first, so we didn't make it out as early as planned, but we still got enough sun and fresh air to totally zap my brain! Hahahaha....

The beach was at a provincial park in Canada, and wasn't very crowded at all. The water was shallow for quite a ways out, so the kids had a great time and lots of room to play without getting in over their heads. Maggie had fun in her little boat, but was really loving playing in the sand with her new toys, and of course making another batch of seaweed soup. Her friend Jake liked chasing the seagulls (luckily he didn't catch any!). Baby Finn started out the day crawling straight into the water til he was helped out sputtering a few times, until he learned to crawl to the edge of the water, catch the splash and crawl back to his mama - smart boy!

I went in the water a bit, played on the sand with the kids for a bit, and enjoyed relaxing in the sun. I can now see the sun was pretty consistently on my left side by the sunburn on that side of my body ;) Guess I'll spend the rest of the evening drinking lots of water and reading about the age spot removal I'll be needing in a few years! Oops!


Anonymous said...

I can guarantee your aunt of the year status is not in jeapardy although you are tied with one other. Maggie won cousin of the year by a landslide though!! I can't wait to see Maggie meet Alexis!! Shannon

siteseer said...

Glad you had a good day at the beach. Water fun is so much fun.