01 July 2010

Am I the Only One?

This week is flying by in a very confusing way! We were out late Sunday night for the fireworks, and I feel like I've been trying to get back in the game ever since.

Monday I can't remember anything. Really. I'm sure we did something, but it's already escaped me what that may have been.

Tuesday we went to music class and got their late because Maggie slept in. Super slept in - like I had to wake her up at 10 AM when we were supposed to be in the car and hurry our butts out the door! Then we went for lunch at IKEA and came home. We were supposed to go grocery shopping but I just wasn't up for it. That night we went to Mimi and Papa's for dinner, then to the playground for ice cream. Yay!

Wednesday (that was yesterday, right?), we had a chocolate delivery to make, then fit another chocolate delivery in before heading to the library (mostly so mommy will have books to read this weekend), then finally doing the grocery shopping.

Today we had a doctor's appointment this morning that we ended up not really needing. Now I'm getting ready for a chocolate party tonight, and hopefully while I'm there hubby will go do a pick up for my chocolate business (how's that for multi-tasking?).

Tomorrow we'll be hitting the road early. Since it's on the way to the cottage, hubby will be dropping us off at Mimi and Papa's house while he goes to a funeral. I'd have preferred to take my time packing tomorrow and head to the cottage on Saturday (because I'm some sort of freak and prefer my own bathroom fixtures, lotions and such, and always forget something VITAL), but I'm sure I'll enjoy the extra vacation time anyway. Even, or is it especially? with my short boss along :)

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siteseer said...

WE all need to slow down.... but then we'd miss so much.... or would we gain a lot in the process???