07 July 2010

Weekend Recap

So this already feels like a pretty lame-o post to me, but it's been almost a week since I've posted again! This summer is full of rushing around, it seems. Keep up this pace and I certainly won't need hcg diet info!

We left for the cottage up north last Friday morning. It was a pretty round-a-bout trip to get there, since we stopped a half hour from home for a funeral and luncheon. We arrived at the cottage in time for dinner in town. Yum, pizza!

Saturday we mostly just relaxed around the cottage. Maggie loved being walked up and down the beach in her little inflatable boat. That night was the fireworks at the county park in town. Maggie almost chickened out (she was asking to watch them from the car), but a friend who arrived to town was able to distract her and have her enjoying the show by the end!

Sunday we took the boat to a little island dinner. The boat ride was a little scary a few times, since the channel to the island wasn't really deep enough for our boat! It was a close call, but we made it out and home just before dark.

Monday we took a loooonnnngggg walk down the beach to get ice cream at the camp store. Unfortunately we arrived almost an hour before the ice cream window opened! On a holiday weekend? That bad-boy should have been open 24/7! Oh well. We'd originally planned to stay the night and drive home from the cottage on Tuesday, but we got everything done we needed to and headed home Monday night. It was a little after midnight by the time we got in - good thing Tuesday was already crossed off the books and we could get the last of our relaxing in :)


siteseer said...

what a busy weekend! Glad you got to relax a little.

Tammy said...

Sounds like you guys had a fun summer 4th of July weekend. Life is good.

pegasusgiraffe said...

Thanks for the great weekend on the lake! Enjoyed the relaxation & fine weather, but enjoyed the company more!