16 June 2010

What the Hell Wednesday

Some SUV stopped right in front of my house the other day. The passenger got out, then got a big dog out of the back seat. I stood at the big picture window and watched while I talked on the phone. The woman with the dog proceeded to walk down the street out of my line of vision. I figured the SUV was just dropping her off (our dirt road is pretty miserable to drive on). But the SUV stayed and the woman and dog eventually returned. As near as I can tell, they pulled onto my street so their dog could shit. Nice. Luckily - since they saw me watching - it wasn't in my yard, but really? WTH, people!

I barely got anything picked up in the office in the whole week that has passed since I've been done with my serious time-drain job. Seriously - WTH, ME?? Get off your lazy duff and get this room like you want it!

I have hours and hours...and hours.....and hours of training CDs (and a couple DVDs) to listen to. Note to self: Acquiring the training media does not improve my skills. I need to listen to them! I've got one going now. If I start listening to them with Maggie, we'll be a phenomenal sales force in no time! I suppose this is just half of a WTH - WTH to the pile of stuff, not to the info on it!


Forex Trading said...

nice and sweet post.

Tammy said...

I do the same with fitness video's I guess I have to watch and do it for them to work. Not just buy them.

I hate it when people let their dogs shit where ever they feel like it. WTH!!!!

siteseer said...

WTH Just start and dedicate 10 minutes per hour that you are in the house..... did I just give Maggie an afternoon at the park? lol I'm trying to finish Alexis's quilt and I worked on it a few minutes last week and this morning I got in another hour. Lunch today will be another 40 minutes. It will get finished!!