21 June 2010

Weekend in Review

Friday: I had a girls' night out to attend where I was presenting Dove Chocolate Discoveries for everyone's enjoyment :) I could have stayed longer and was having a good time visiting with old and new friends, but the sky started looking a little creepy, so I got out before the thunderstorms rolled in.

Saturday: I got up in the morning to be ready for someone who was going to pick up her chocolate order, but then she overslept ;) If it's not one thing it's another, right? But because I wasn't sure if she was on her way, hubby and I staggered our 'getting ready' time so someone would be available to answer the door. By 11 or so we were all on our way. Hubby and his dad took the boat out for a test for the first time this season, and Maggie and I headed to a Pool/Birthday party. Maggie had a blast and loved going down the water slide.

Saturday evening we headed downtown to walk the Detroit Riverwalk. It was our first time. It was kind of a bummer to have to pay $3 each adult to get in (but the food/drinks/carnival rides still cost more after you bought your wristband for admittance), but we dealt with it. Although Maggie was quite drawn to the carnival rides - especially the ferris wheel, she was excited to wait and ride the 'train' (the People Mover) at the end of the night instead. She stood on her seat and waved out the window the whole way. "Hi cars! Hi people! Hi stores!"

Sunday: Not much time for hubby and I to be together this weekend, as we again headed our separate ways. His sister had a Fathers' Day BBQ for their dad, but it was at noon so his other sister could go to work that afternoon. Hubby and Maggie headed back downtown for that visit, while I went to catch up with some friends I hadn't seen for a while in Ann Arbor. It turned out to be a good thing hubby hadn't driven me out there, as we took much longer to catch up than we expected!
Sunday night we finally saw Avatar. I hadn't really been trying to watch it, and was quite pleasantly surprised - it was a good movie and I'd recommend it!


siteseer said...

sounds like a fun weekend.

Jodi said...

What a busy weekend!! Trent is finally coming around with his haircut!