22 June 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts


Can I not have original thoughts in paragraph form and still be a decent blogger? Sorry about all the memes. Half the time when I think of something I'm passionate enough to really want to write about, I worry about the people who wouldn't agree. So I fill in another questionnaire instead.

We saw really creepy, weird flashing outside our house last night (okay, early this morning). Maggie started yelling that she was scared and to come get her around 5 AM (I'm guessing on the time - the power had already gone out at least once before then, so the clocks were flashing some time that had no correlation to reality). As I went to get her, I felt and heard a power surge - the weird low buzz along with the drain of any lights left on (which there weren't any...). In her room she said she was afraid of the 'lighteling' (her word for lightning) (geez - enough parentheses in this story??). I saw a bright flash outside her window, and then a couple more. They were in a rhythm and definitely were not lightning. There was also no rain or thunder at this point. As I went back to our bedroom with Maggie and told hubby that wasn't lightning, you could also see flashes out the two windows in our room (which face different directions than Maggie's window). We could only assume it was a transformer (for electricity, not a giant converting robot, hopefully).
Very weird.

I'm still totally loving having Faygo Rock & Rye in the house, but I've abandoned the notion that I've 'given up' Cherry Coke. Complete poppycock. I love Cherry Coke. Deal with it.

I'm rocking my new camera, even though I'm by no means any sort of photographer. My new camera just makes my drivel look a little prettier, I think. I will need to reorganize how I store photos. Before, I only saved all the stuff of Maggie, with very few of my friends otherwise. Now I'm taking pictures of buildings and things that look interesting to me, and I'd like to save them somehow. I'm thinking just dates in a folder of stuff I've taken, with separate folders for actual 'events.' Have you tried this? Suggestions?

I think my latest order of color copies from SirCooper will be in tomorrow, which means it will be back to work for me! Preparing info packets about my job as a chocolatier, putting together hostess packets, organizing calls to be made, and gearing up for at least four shows in July before conference! Woo-hoo!!

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siteseer said...

so what was all the 'lightning' about? Love the pics