09 June 2010

Not so Wordless Wednesday

Today I'm offering you a series of pictures...taken by Maggie :) She loves to play with the camera - glad it's the days of digital, or we'd need stock in Kodak film!

Mommy, taken a couple months ago by Maggie. Don't worry - she said "Say cheese" first to make sure I was smiling :)

Mommy taken by Maggie a couple months ago - still smiling.

Another nice one by Maggie of Mommy after I'd walked into Maggie's room. Of course I'm smiling.

Audrey the cat, taken by Maggie earlier today.

Maggie's feet, taken by Maggie on our way to lunch today.

Worn out from all the picture taking! (I took this one :) )

Overall I think she's improving, but I'm really glad we don't have to pay for all these shots! ;)


The Adventures of Grunty and Chubbs said...

Oh, those are too cute!

siteseer said...

Glad you were smiling lol. Love how her jaw relaxes when she's sleeping. What does she think of the pictures she takes?