09 June 2010

Hip to be Square?

I was realizing today how totally out of the loop I am when it comes to 'cool.' (If that's even the right word anymore!) Luckily I don't think it will matter much for a few more years, right?

Maggie and I met a friend for lunch today and as we drove near campus, I saw some college kids walking around. I was noticing what they were wearing, and the fact that I had no idea what any of it meant. One group was two guys and one girl in khakis, with relatively casual shirts, one girl in a skirt and shirt, and one guy in 'skinny' jeans and a shirt. Were they all together as friends or co-workers? Had the guy and the girl who were dressed differently met up with the khaki crew after some event? Were the folks in khakis usually in hip hop clothes, but dressing special for something? It was a relatively warm day. I hope they weren't dressed semi-nicely just for fun!

My usual attire is just one of my four pairs of jeans and a shirt that matches the shade of my bra (since it's good to let your bra 'rest' for a day between wearings, I alternate between my black one and my pink one. Yeah, I know...TMI). I had fun dressing up to go out with hubby last weekend, but it made me sort of wonder where I fit in anymore....my clothes are just old, no particular style that I know of.

What's your style, and how do you show it?


The Adventures of Grunty and Chubbs said...

I'm not very good at fashion at all! Even Dick (a GUY) tells me sometimes that my shirt and pants don't match! Oops. I think I have good taste (don't we all) but I have trouble putting outfits together. And I don't believe in spending a lot of time or money on fashion/appearance. So I get most of my clothes at thrift stores and discount stores like Marshall's. :-) Gosh, I sound so utilitarian...

siteseer said...

It's all where your priorities lie. Me, I was never that in to fashion. Clean and presentable. That's about all your gonna get lol.