11 June 2010

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. I just had some shrimp fried rice from the grocery store freezer section for dinner. Yes, I warmed it up. It wasn't bad, but I feel bad for not finishing it. I never finish anything I'm supposed to eat :(
  2. I think I may go to bed early again tonight. My shoulder/neck/back is still bugging me :( I'm hoping it feels better tomorrow so I can be ready to pay attention at my sales training!
  3. The next part of cleaning the office involves making room on convenient shelves for some of this stuff. Unfortunately that involves making a bigger mess by clearing the shelves, so I can re-home some items, to use the shelves for what I want.
  4. Some neighbors were putting off firecrackers already earlier tonight. It may be a looonnngg summer.
  5. I love my little girl more than anyone in the whole world.
  6. I was really hoping I'd have my new 'flair' buttons that I earned in a March contest before my sales training tomorrow, but it didn't happen :( They must be really cool buttons, because this is the third set mailed to me...the first two never made it.
  7. Anyone want to have a June chocolate party? I really thought I'd fill up my catalog with the crowd at my show tonight, but it didn't happen. I feel bad not giving away more chocolate this month!
  8. I just took a muscle relaxer. Hopefully it will help with this shoulder/neck/back thing. I wanted to see my chiropractor today, but he's a half hour away...and closed at 1 PM :(
  9. I don't like all the frown-y faces I'm typing lately! I'm usually a pretty positive person, right?
  10. I'm not as bummed as I should be that I didn't do my grocery shopping tonight. It would have been nice to do it without Maggie in tow, but I forgot to transfer the money before I left the house. Huh. Bummer.

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