11 June 2010

In the Olden Days...

We were talking tonight about the 'convenience' of cell phones, and one person said she purposely leaves hers at home sometimes. Whoa! I wouldn't dream of that. I don't really use mine for much socialization, but when hubby travels, or Maggie's at someone else's house - or even at my house with someone other than me! - I really feel better being reachable.

What other things have we gotten used to for good or bad reasons?

It's been a long time since we've gone without cd players or something similar in our cars. Imagine if there was just AM radio again, or NOTHING!

The internet is an endless source of convenience, right? All the things I could be doing now - working, blogging (yup!), playing games, reading weight loss product reviews, shopping, connecting with old friends, etc, etc...the list is practically endless!


Jodi said...

I would be lost without my cell, iPod, computer. And I shudder to think of only having an AM radio! I am being spoiled right now with XM radio, and will miss it when our free 3 month subscription is over. I will just have to go on the search for my 80's music on iTunes.

As for the kiwi/strawberry thing.. I like straberries, and have heard that they do taste like that, but the didn't for me.

siteseer said...

I'm thinking washing the cloths on the rock would be much simpler that what we've gotten outselves into today. The more we get the more stress we bring into ourselves. I used to think that the tv was so time consuming.... television has nothing on the time wasters we have today.