04 June 2010

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. Last night's chocolate event went great! Ten ladies dropped by, three booked parties, and two are considering becoming chocolatiers! Woo-hoo!!
  2. My other job finally wrapped up. Most projects are only a few weeks - six weeks seemed to last forever!
  3. I've run the dishwasher (off to empty it next) and done two loads of laundry so far today. I still need to pick up some more stuff from last night's party (but I needed room in the dishwasher to facilitate that...).
  4. The checkbook is off by $194.17, but it's in our favor. I'm tired of looking for it for now.
  5. I finally called the pharmacy for a refill today. I still need to call the dentist about my achy tooth, the cardiologist about an October follow-up, and AAA about my mysteriously bashed turn signal.
  6. If hubby is feeling better tonight, I'd considered going to the drive-in, but I'm not fired up about any of the movies showing.
  7. I really hope hubby is feeling better tomorrow so we can drop Maggie off with my parents and have a date night before he schedules another business trip!
  8. I'm looking forward to getting some things cleaned up around here (like my office) and doing some scrapbooking in the next few weeks.
  9. And I want to get Maggie's gold fish picture framed. Cuz I'm weird like that. I should take a picture of it so you can see it (it's too big to scan).
  10. Hubby just called and mentioned a steakhouse for dinner. That sounds much yummier than the Wanchai Ferry chicken in our freezer, but not very fiscally responsible if we're planning date night tomorrow too ;)


Tammy said...

Have fun tonight and tomorrow night. I know Mimi is really looking forward to Maggie sitting.

Anonymous said...

We had a great time with Maggie!!! My grand daughters are so much fun to be with.