02 June 2010

To-Do List for June 3, 2010

Well! Tomorrow night (it will all be over with in less than 24 hours) I'm having what will hopefully be a large open house for my chocolate business! I've found there are a lot of people who have never seen anything from the company, or have been hostesses in the past but haven't seen anything lately, and want to see it without first committing to their own party. So I invited them all over. More than 100 people. I'm actually optimistically expecting around 10% - like ten people - but they're from different groups, so it's a great evening of opportunity! With plenty of prep work still to go....
  • Decide exactly which recipes I'll be serving
  • Go grocery shopping for ingredients
  • Go shopping for mini-serving plastic glasses
  • Prepare hostess packets for everyone who will want to book their own tasting
  • Clean the bathroom :)
  • Dust and vacuum living areas (living room, dining area, kitchen and hallway)
  • Shower & put on makeup (hey, it's a party, right?)
  • Put out 'open date card' so everyone knows what dates I'm available to schedule their tasting
  • Prepare recipes for serving
  • Put out catalogs and order forms
  • Decide on raffle system (how many tickets for what activity - attending, bringing guests, ordering, booking, looking at the chocolatier opportunity) and prizes!
  • Call 'maybe' booking people before open house to see if they want dates before they're gone
  • Participate in conference call/training at noon (I'm so afraid I'm going to forget this one!)
Why am I afraid this list is only going to grow??

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siteseer said...

you've got it handled - no problem. Hope you get lots of parties and sales from this.