07 June 2010

Reflecting and Rambling....

So I'm being sucked in to Facebook...again. Now that I'm done with my job that required the consistent hours, I'm getting back into the groove of having my own life. With frequent Facebook sidetrips. Oops.

I may have found some of the secret of why my blog isn't wildly popular. I don't have a major 'hook' or situation in my life that draws everyone's interest. My personal tragedies aren't anything I feel like reliving and dwelling on, so I don't mention the worst of them in the first place. My history is relatively uneventful. I had a happy childhood, a pretty uneventful 'partying' history for my college years, and an ex-husband who was never much more than a blip on my personal timeline (sorry, it's true). My husband and child now are mostly good. They're healthy, engage appropriately in our relationship, and well, basically normal. And I'm glad!

But I think it all makes me a boring person at the end of the day. Boring, contented and happy. But not all that great for reading. ;)


siteseer said...

I love reading your blog. Mine is the one that is uneventful. I just choose not to share that much of my life. If you're looking for a good book review or a recipe once in a while - I'm your blogger lol. One of these days we'll be travelling again.

Shannon and Randy said...

We like to look for pictures/videos of Maggie. Put more of those up and we'll keep coming :-) Our computer autmotically loads the page when Safari opens so we can always see if you have a new pic up of our favorite niece.