02 May 2010

Almost Ready...

I've been thinking about exercise a lot lately. I'm hoping that's the first step to living healthier....I don't need fast weight loss tips, but I do need to tone up what I've already got.

My current excuse is all my jobs. I have my scoring job which is at least 20 - though they'd prefer 30 - hours a week. I'm still working and growing my chocolate business. And I'm trying to keep my blog regularly updated for well, both of you reading this ;)

I still have my old kettleball and DVDs, and think I'd get a lot out of the work out. I think I have a couple other DVDs too - I Want That Body from Tammy someone-or-other and a belly dance one. They're all sounding like fun in some sick, twisted way.

I just need to stop thinking about them and free up a little time to do them, if I want to see any positive results, right?


siteseer said...

Oh yeah, I got a good chuckle about the 'both of us reading' your blog lol

siteseer said...

If I could only get some energy I'd be good to go