03 May 2010

Weekend in Review

Friday night: I had a great time at MaryEllen's Partylite show. Hubby originally asked if he could drive me there and pick me up, but I reminded him it was MaryEllen's. Whenever I hang out there (especially with Nancy, Katrina and Lee Anne), it's guaranteed to be a long, super-fun evening. When I got home around 11:30, he was already asleep.

Saturday: We got off to a relatively slow start. Hubby had to go pick up a boat part and offered to go by himself, but I figured we could roll it in with the other stuff I was hoping to get done. We went to the parts place (where they talked him out of getting the part), then were driving around looking for a post office or somewhere to have lunch when we saw Airforce One! Wow!!
After lunch at Red Robin, we ended up going to the post office right by our house to mail the stuff I wanted to see go out that day. We then hit Target (get it?) for a few birthday gifts we'll need this week and diapers for Maggie.
Once we stopped at home for the two of them to nap and me to get some work in, we headed back out to exchange some lightbulbs and pick up pizza for dinner. Our family evening was wrapped up by watching The Curse of the Were Rabbit with Wallace and Grommit. It was a better movie than I expected :)

Sunday: I only thought Saturday was a slow start! Hahahaha.... We finally made it out of the house a little after noon on Sunday. After stopping at the pharmacy to pick up a prescription refill for me, and then at 7-Eleven for snacks, we headed to my last scheduled class of Cakes for the Queen of Heaven. Luckily the ladies from the class and I arranged to meet next month for an awesome portable altar craft - I can't wait!
Sunday night was just work, work, work. We had leftovers for dinner and I tried to get in as many hours as I could, until I realized my quality was taking a nose-dive! Hubby was able to get some time in working on the boat too after we put Maggie to bed :)

A pretty low-key weekend overall - but no complaints!

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siteseer said...

you guys were really busy. Bet you can't wait for the week to begin and you an slow it down a little ;)