09 April 2010


I actually feel like I have more energy since my heart procedure. I've heard anecdotal reports of other people feeling better and I was optimistic, but I have actually been feeling better - yay! I think part of it is because I was feeling so frustrated trying to get it all taken care of, but I'll take what I can get, right?

This afternoon I still need to make a one-on-one call for my networking group, work on some more laundry (although I did get some done this morning), find a recipe for the skillet steaks we have for dinner, call a hostess with a show at the end of the month about her guest list, and start entering my show from earlier this week.

Luckily it looks like I did the orders all right at my chocolate party this time. Sometimes I miss wrong prices written with item numbers, or items that aren't very good without something else (like chocolate to make mousse). Maybe a receipt printer would help? No matter. For now I try to enter them sooner rather than later so I have time to follow-up on any boo-boos ;)

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